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Tools expertise

1Translation memories, CAT tools, localization suites, websites, CMS, cloud services… We know a lot about tools so you don’t have to. If your client requires you to use some unknown specific tool or you don’t know where to start dealing with that weird format you need to process, we are the solution you are looking for.

Good practices

2For each and every project we engage with, specific needs are to be analyzed, resources have to be ensured and a strict timing must be defined before kicking off. Once ready, a solid methodology has to be followed to the letter so we are prepared for any unexpected issue that may come up.


3As every project is different from the previous one, it is paramount to have the knowledge and skills to get the job done confidently. OpenMints is a rock-solid reliable team made up by veterans from the localization industry working together to put their experience and resourcefulness at your service.

Our Services



The language industry is continuously bombarded with new tools, procedures, resources, technologies, updates… A huge load of great but sometimes obscure (at first sight) innovation that pushes professionals to follow an ongoing education strategy

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

A huge number of LSPs miss or let go potential project leads every day because of the technical requirements. Lacking the knowledge, skills or resources necessary to complete the job, they give up a great opportunity to increase their income or, even better, their client portfolio



Our consulting service is the easiest to describe: We share our technical edge and methodology to help your company do more with its resources. We don’t promise any miracles. We don’t do magic. But we have been in your situation before and have learnt (the hard way) from our mistakes

News & Events

The Take-A-Mint Project is almost here

April 23, 12 // 0 comments

First of all, we want to thank everyone that has get involved in this crazy iniative in some way. It is only through your...

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See you in Monaco?

March 23, 12 // 0 comments

The annual conference from GALA ( will take place next 26-28th of March In Monte Carlo, Monaco. While some of us had attended other...

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OpenMints to speak at Aslib, November 17-18, London

October 31, 11 // 0 comments

We are excited about the upcoming Aslib’s Translation and the Computer conference that will take place in London on November 17-18. None of us...

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