Technical Assistance

A huge number of LSPs miss or let go potential project leads every day because of the technical requirements. Lacking the knowledge, skills or resources necessary to complete the job, they give up a great opportunity to increase their income or, even better, their client portfolio.

OpenMints is a problem-solving-oriented company aimed to complement your strengths by taking care of that part of the job you cannot or do not want to deal with yourself.

Our service range includes:

- Project analysis and quoting: Assess a project thoroughly before accepting it.
Your profit depends on it.
- File processing and translation kit creation: Get the project ready for translation with the minimum effort on your side.
- Localization engineering & resizing: Smooth localization process makes software look friendly whatever the chosen locale.

- Terminology Management: Let us extract, create and maintain your terminology.
We love to be swamped with glossaries, term lists and databases!
- Project Management: If your PMs are fed up with work, why not use our specialists as if they were your own? With lots of NDAs, of course.
- Testing: We can test any application on any desktop or mobile device around these days. Offer this service to your client and watch him/her smile.

We can do this and much more for you. Just get in touch and let’s talk about it!